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Dear Sarah, I never thought I’d be the one writing to an advice column but here goes: I have been married to the love of my life since June, but we traveled a very rocky road to get there (think Carrie and Big from ‘Sex and the City’).

We have endured several break-ups and subsequent reconciliations over a number of years.

He has done some shady things in the past, including having a whole other secret relationship during the first go around.

At another point when we were causally dating, I unknowingly played the “other woman” to his regular girlfriend. He showed up in my new city and planned an incredible, fairytale proposal. I confronted him and of course he pled innocence and curiosity as his excuse.

After that debacle, I took a great job, moved to a entirely different time zone and was done with him and happily moving on. I thought everything was going to be perfect—that he had changed and my dreams had finally come true! ) So, imagine how I felt when a dear friend of mine called me to ask me if my husband had a twin. But if he were truly happy then he wouldn’t be curious, right?

More importantly (for the purposes of this article), I’ve been a user of online dating websites for those same seven years, and have helped many clients find long-term partners and husbands/wives using online dating.

And yet, even though I’ve had a profile on my website of choice for those seven years, I’ve only had it appearing as active for less than four months total. Because whenever I activate my profile, it gets responses so quickly, and I find a romantic partner that I’m excited about so efficiently, that I inevitably end up shutting down the page (generally) in less than a week or two.

I’ve met some of the most amazing women of my life through online dating.

The stigma of online dating users being the social rejects that they may have been in the earrrrrly, early years of online dating simply doesn’t hold weight any longer.

I have found attractive, educated, dynamic, amazing people through online dating in major cities in five different countries around the world.

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I am constantly amazed with the quality of people that I meet through online dating.

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