Arab american dating

not to be racist but i know that every arab man has the same feelings that i have. Most are maids in the middle east so why should they be anything else?

It's not that we are racist, it's just that we date in our race, but if we date out we will date a White-European woman.

In Saudi Arabia, when Arab men tend to date out of their race, they go for European women.

The poor Arab men who at times marry black women as their third or fourth wife, must cover herself, so you won't be able to tell that she is black.

Most European women in middle-eastern countries are working women, unlike the black women who are some sick ass whore or servant working for an Arab family. And please folks don't give me bullshit stories of you married to a rich Arab man, prove it, then it will be true, until then it just that, fantasies and nothing more.^ I mean i mean most Arab men think black women are skanky whores, without any decency left, they think they should be used for manual labor and nothing more.

They think they are good for being maids, shoe shiners, and that is about it, that is the view of the Arab world.

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